Now That I’m Here…

This is a blog that’s been on my mind for a long time but now that it’s time to write my first post, I’m a bit…umm…well flustered.

My wife and I thought since our lives are interesting and dare I say unique, that a place to share our adventures both emotional and in the world, would be nice to do in the form of a blog.  The person currently typing this is me, but my beloved colors everything that will go onto this e-space so I may say we a lot.  Now you know.

This is probably a good time to actually say something of interest.  Something that will make you the reader think “oh how glad I am to have stopped texting so-n-so to read this lovely blog” but I think there have just been too many posts inside my head to lay even one of them out until the time is right.  So instead I’ll just list topics that I’ll likely write about on here and ask you to stay tuned.  Thanks for being so nice about my inability to write a dramatically intriguing first post!


Jesus, Dogs, leaving 12 step recovery, being same sex married and Christian & how that intersects, books, movies, food, false teachings within the church, living in Portland, general life topics, and yep…more Jesus.

If for some reason you have stumbled onto this post, please pray for this blog.  My prayer is that I avoid the temptation to judge others when I share events or emotions and that I keep the Lord first in all my thoughts and actions.

Hopefully the next post will have an actual topic.  Until then…

God bless!church crosses



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