Mrs. Q.  Jesus freak, dog sitter, and housewife.


Who happens to be disabled from chronic illness…and happens to be a racial minority…and happens to be a former 12 stepper…and happens to be married to another woman.

In Portland, Oregon it seems that my spouse and I are an anomaly.  The reason for this is because we are devoutly Christian and take the Bible to be God’s infallible Word, and, we are a same sex married couple.  Though we don’t label ourselves as gay or lesbian or conservative or anything else, others feel a need to label us as such because:

A.  We happen to be a same sex couple.

B. We happen to be Christian and veer politically to the supposed  “right.”

You dear reader may feel confused, angry, saddened, or some other way to describe your reaction to such differing “lifestyles” in one goofy couple.  Hopefully though you’ll just pay attention to the fruit produced in this blog.  Either good or bad fruit will pass onto these electronic pages.  I highly encourage discernment in all circumstances including here.  If you read something that bears bad fruit then please, find better fruit elsewhere.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the actual fun stuff!

This blog is focused on adventures in Christianity after years being away from Jesus due to 12 step recovery participation.

This blog is also about adventures in dog sitting.  

Finally this blog is about things like keeping up the home, food, keeping track of false teachings in the church, disability, being same sex married & Christian, books, movies, and whatever makes sense to put here.

What you won’t see much of is any other kind of social media from me.  There is no twitfacegram here because I’m not on those sites.  Also I keep up with the news as much as I keep up with the state of my neighbors toenails.  So if you’re looking for commentary on the latest celebrity hoo haa or election results or something on MSN, FOX, or PBS look elsewhere because I don’t likely know about it.  I’m too busy studying the Bible and chasing after dogs and keeping the stove shiny

So that’s what this blog is about.  Now you know.